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Who is Kaitlyn MacDonald?

When people experience times of great stress, indecision, and disorganization, it is not uncommon to see these challenges become a part of a personal belief system. Fixed habits of mind impact our executive functioning, decision making, and personal/professional well-being. I work with clients of all ages to build a growth mindset that allows achievement in areas that have historically been a struggle. Sometimes we need a coach to help us believe in ourselves and develop stronger skills in order to experience higher rates of success and happiness. I believe that everyone can build a fulfilling life regardless of what they feel is currently hindering their opportunities. Students can be organized and focused. Educators can rebuild their commitment to teaching. People can discover their ultimate why and path towards joy. After decades working inside school buildings, I am now looking forward to working with individuals and groups on their personal journeys beyond the classroom walls.

I am joining Harmony as our Director of the Academic and Growth Mindset Program after a lengthy career in elementary and secondary education and an extensive background in crisis management. I have worked with Americorps NCCC, the Red Cross, public school systems, independent schools, and schools focused on special education, with a particular focus on students with twice exceptional students who are impacted by executive functioning challenges, anxiety, trauma, and/or spectrum disorders. My undergraduate coursework focused on Creative Writing and this enables me to use personal storytelling as a tool for growth and recovery. My graduate coursework focused on education as a tool for personal and social change. I am a certified Mindfulness educator, as well as a certified Life Coach. I believe in you, and I look forward to helping you grow.


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